Clinical Ethics Grand Rounds seminars offer an innovative and interactive forum for engaging with ethical, legal, and policy issues of particular salience to patient care within the hospital. Six seminars are presented each year.

Upcoming Clinical Ethics Grand Rounds


Moral distress consultation

The UVA model

2017 April 6, Thursday, 12:00pm, MacNider 321
Beth Epstein

Moral distress has negative implications for healthcare providers and organizations in terms of burnout, intent to leave, and poorer perceived … Continued


Clinical Ethics Grand Rounds

Talk title to be announced

2017 May 11, Thursday, 8:00am, Location TBD
Ben Wilfond

Ben Wilfond, Visiting Pediatric Ethics Scholar, Director, Treuman Katz Center for Pediatric Bioethics, Professor and Chief, Division of Bioethics, Professor, … Continued

Past Clinical Ethics Grand Rounds


Ways to Watch

Issues of Recording in Patient Care

2017 March 2, Thursday, 12:00pm, Arlene Davis, Sarah Fotheringham, Benny Joyner, Gary Winzelberg
Panel discussion

Video and audio recording of moments in our lives has become commonplace with the widespread use of smartphones and other … Continued



Disclosures of sensitive information: HIV as a case study

2017 February 2, Thursday, 12:00pm,
Panel discussion

The February Clinical Ethics Grand Rounds has been postponed.  Our 2017 Clinical Ethics Grand Rounds will begin in March.

Farr Curlin

What does religion have to do with medical ethics?

2016 November 3, Thursday, 12:00pm, MacNider 321
Farr Curlin

Clinicians’ religious characteristics may strongly shape practice, particularly with respect to morally controversial interventions. Religion-associated differences may then expose the … Continued

Ethical concerns for providers in their emergency care of behavioral health patients awaiting placement

Ethical concerns for providers in their emergency care of behavioral health patients awaiting placement

2016 October 26, Wednesday, 12:00pm, To be announced
David Pepper

David Pepper, MD, Hartford Hospital, Psychosomatic Medicine, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, University of Connecticut School of Medicine


Should pediatricians “fire” vaccine-hesitant parents?

2016 May 19, Thursday, 8:00am, MacNider Hall 321
John Lantos

Visiting Ethics Scholar, John Lantos, MD, Director of Pediatric Bioethics, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Missouri-Kansas City.


Rationing is not a four letter word

Death panels, policy and ethics

2016 April 7, Thursday, 12:00pm, MacNider Hall 321
Philip Rosoff

Philip Rosoff, MD, Director Clinical Ethics Program, Professor of Pediatrics and of Medicine, Duke University.


Ethical Care of the Prisoner-Patient

Intersections of Law and Ethics

2016 February 4, Thursday, 12:00pm, MacNider Hall 321
Panel discussion

Michelle Curl, RN, BSN. Liver Transplant Coordinator. Sarah Fotheringham, JD. Associate General Counsel, UNC Health Care System. Arlene Davis, JD. … Continued


Ethics in end of life care

2016 January 7, Thursday, 12:00pm, MacNider Hall 321
Peggy Battin

Margaret P. Battin is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Adjunct Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Medical Ethics, at the … Continued

Kate MeWhinney - Elderlaw clinic

Grappling with guardianship

Ethical dilemmas

2015 November 5, Thursday, 12:00pm, MacNider Hall 321
Kate Mewhinney

Clinical Professor Kate Mewhinney is the managing attorney of The Elder Law Clinic, where she supervises upper level law students … Continued


End of life conflicts in South Africa

Recurrent challenges and emerging controversies

2015 October 1, Thursday, 12:00pm, MacNider Hall 321
Sharon Kling & Keymanthri Moodley

Our visiting scholars, Sharon Kling and Keymanthri Moodley, discuss approaches to withholding and withdrawing treatments, and to physician assisted suicide, as they … Continued

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