New Visiting Scholar:  Pablo Garcia Barranquero

Posted 1 month ago

The UNC Center for Bioethics would like to welcome our new Visiting Scholar from the University of Malaga, Pablo Garcia Barranquero. He will be with us from May 3 – July 31, 2018, working with Eric Juengst on conceptual issues in longevity … Continued

Mara Buchbinder to present at Hettleman Lecture

Posted 2 months ago

Congratulation to  Mara Buchbinder on winning the UNC Hettleman prize! Please join us for Mara’s presentation of her Hettleman Lecture at 1:00pm on Tuesday, May 1st in the Tate Turner Kuralt auditorium, with reception following. We hope to see you there! Hettleman … Continued

New Visiting Scholar: Matthias Eggel

Posted 5 months ago

The UNC Center for Bioethics would like to welcome our new Visiting Scholar from the University of Zurich, Institute for Bioethics, Matthias Eggel. Dr. Eggel will be with us from January 16 – March 10, 2018. Currently, Dr. Eggel is … Continued

Brandy Elsenrath, our new Center Coordinator

Posted 5 months ago

The UNC Center for Bioethics would like to welcome our new Center Coordinator, Brandy Elsenrath, starting with us on January 8. Brandy started working at UNC-CH in 1999. She has held positions within the UNC School of Medicine, UNC Property … Continued

New Clinical Ethics MS4 Elective for Spring 2018

Posted 5 months ago

A new clinical ethics elective joins the TEC Individualization Phase curriculum this spring. It offers medical students an opportunity to focus their interests in clinical ethics on a particular practice area, using mentorship, scholarly readings, and practical experience with the hospital ethics committee … Continued

2nd Annual HIV Cure Research Day

Posted 6 months ago

The Durham County Board of Commissioners and the state of North Carolina officially proclaimed December 14, 2017 as HIV Cure Research Day. This is the second year celebrating the official proclamation of HIV Cure Research Day. Dr. Allison Mathews, founder … Continued

Genomic Screening: What’s Age Got To Do With It?

Posted 6 months ago

Harvard Law Bill of Health Blog Margaret Waltz, PhD R. Jean Cadigan, PhD Anya E. R. Prince, JD, MPP Debra Skinner, PhD Gail E. Henderson, PhD Age is an important consideration in medical screening, but calls for population based preventive … Continued

Prince and Davis Article Honored by JOTWELL

Posted 6 months ago

The Journal of Things We Like A lot (JOTWELL), a compendium of law review articles designed to select and recognize the best recent academic legal literature, has honored former C:B trainee Anya Prince and C:B faculty member Arlene Davis by … Continued

ELSI 2.0 meetings in Kyoto, Nov. 13-16, 2017

Posted 6 months ago

Eric Juengst participated in two workshops on behalf of the ELSI 2.0 International Collaboratory for Genomics and Society Research in Kyoto, to discuss cross-cultural perspectives on clinical genomic sequencing, research data-sharing, and dynamic consent, with colleagues from Japan, Australia, Singapore, … Continued

CEDG and HEC Welcome Kelly Olsen and Austin Bath

Posted 7 months ago

Kelly Olsen and Austin Bath will join the Clinical Ethics Discussion Group as student leaders, and Hospital Ethics Committee as student members, in January 2018. Center for Bioethics faculty members Arlene Davis and Eric Juengst are advisors to the student group … Continued

Center for Bioethics Intramural Faculty Workshop (at the beach!)

Posted 8 months ago

On September 18-21, 2017, the C:B faculty decamped to Emerald Isle,  NC,  for three days of intellectual engagement with each other’s work in progress.   Participants submitted manuscripts in advance and, after a “reading day” on Thursday, spent Friday and Saturday … Continued

Wylie Burke, MD., Ph.D., Delivers 2017 UNC Merrimon Lecture

Posted 8 months ago

The Center was honored to host Wylie Burke, MD, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor and former Chair of the University of Washington Department of  Bioethics and Humanities, as our 2017 Merrimon Lecturer,  the School of Medicine’s oldest and most prestigious endowed lectureship.,  … Continued

Center for Bioethics Trainees Enhance ASBH 2017 Program

Posted 8 months ago

UNC C:B trainees and former fellows were ubiquitous at the 19th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities in Kansas City on Oct. 18-22! Their contributions included: Elana Jaffe, BA participated in a “Forging a New Paradigm for Public Health Emergency Research that Includes Pregnant … Continued

Mara Buchbinder Receives Hettleman Award

Posted 9 months ago

Four highly promising Carolina faculty members in diverse fields have been awarded the Philip and Ruth Hettleman Prizes for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement by Young Faculty. The recipients, who were recognized at the Sept. 8 Faculty Council meeting, are: Mara … Continued

History of the Merrimon Lecture

Posted 10 months ago

“What I have in mind may be briefly expressed. To give to medical students and others interested an insight in the history, traditions, philosophy and ethics of medicine. To help restore, in some degree, a sense of responsibility to medicine’s … Continued

Stellenbosch Bioethics Leadership Program Selects First Trainees

Posted 10 months ago

The Stellenbosch Bioethics Leadership Program has selected it’s first trainees. Dr Geremew T. Tsegaye has a doctoral degree in medicine (MD). He specialized in public health (MPH) and bioethics (EMMB) and advance Research Ethics. Dr Theresa Burgess started her career … Continued

Izzy Brassfield

Posted 11 months ago

Izzy Brassfield is a student in UNC’s MD-PhD program who just completed her second year of graduate school in the philosophy department. She first became involved with the Center for Bioethics as a medical student in the summer of 2013, … Continued

Rohit Jaswaney

Posted 11 months ago

Rohit Jaswaney is a second year medical student at New York Medical College interning with UNC’s Center for Bioethics and Department of Social Medicine for the summer of 2017. Rohit received his bachelor’s degree in Biology at Washington University in … Continued

C:B Faculty Project Releases Zika Research Guidance

Posted 11 months ago

Under the co-leadership of C:B Associate Director Annie Lyerly, the Welcome Trust-funded PREVENT (Pregnancy Research Ethics for Vaccines, Epidemics and New Technologies) has released ethical guidelines for investigators conducting ZIKA research with pregnant women The inclusion of pregnant women in Zika virus vaccine … Continued

New Core Faculty Member Appointed: Jean Cadigan, PhD

Posted 11 months ago

Jean Cadigan, PhD, a medical anthropologist in the UNC Department of Social Medicine, has been appointed as the tenth member of the Center’s Core Faculty,  in recognition of her sustained involvement in Center research projects,  teaching efforts, and consultation services.

Three Post-Docs Launched into Faculty Positions!

Posted 1 year ago

Over the last year or so, the first wave of the Center’s postdoctoral fellows have “graduated” into great new faculty positions elsewhere: Marci Cottingham, PhD (Sociology) is now Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam; Gabriel Lazaro-Munez, PhD … Continued

Aid-in-Dying Laws and the Physician’s Duty to Inform

Posted 1 year ago

Why do so many people assume that any clinical communication about aid-in-dying (AID, also known as assisted suicide), where it is legal, ought to be patient-initiated? Physician participants in my ongoing study tend to assume that physicians should wait for … Continued

Doug MacKay Presents at Conference

Posted 1 year ago

Center core faculty, Doug MacKay, presents at the conference, The Future of Work, Technology and a Basic Income, at Bowling Green State University, Ohio.  Doug’s talk, “Basic Income, Cash Transfers, and Welfare State Paternalism”, is 2017 April 7.

Anne Lyerly photo

Anne Lyerly Zika Panel on Radio In Vivo

Posted 1 year ago

A Special Edition of Radio In Vivo, featuring “Unraveling Zika,” a panel discussion held November 29, 2016 at the UNC School of Medicine. Learn what we know and don’t know at this point about the Zika virus. The panel was … Continued

C:B Faculty “Cover” the Literature in 2016!

Posted 1 year ago

C:B faculty published 40 articles in 2016, which is great, but only to be expected of a group like this. What was unusual was the run of lead articles by our faculty that were illustrated in the cover art of … Continued

Jill Fisher Quoted in Inverse

Posted 1 year ago

C:B core faculty, Jill Fisher, is quoted in Inverse article, How To Side Hustle as a Lab Rat for Science.  Jill’s HealthyVOICES research project focuses on healthy volunteers in clinical trials. Inverse contacted her to comment on the motivations of healthy volunteers.

Re-Engaging Ethics: Ethical Issues in Engaged Research

Posted 1 year ago

Project Description Re-Engaging Ethics is a project that is funded by the Greenwall Foundation. The purpose of this project is to create and disseminate recommendations for the review and conduct of community-engaged research, by engaging a diverse set of stakeholders … Continued

HIV Cure Research Day Proclaimed

Posted 1 year ago

The Durham County Board of Commissioners has proclaimed December 14 as HIV Cure Research Day! Dr. Allison Mathews, founder and director of the 2BeatHIV research project at UNC, shared that “HIV Cure Research Day marks the one year anniversary of … Continued

No More Militaristic and Violent Language in Medicine

Posted 2 years ago

Response to Open Peer Commentaries on “Healing Without Waging War: Beyond Military Metaphors in Medicine and HIV Cure Research” Jing-Bao Nie, Stuart Rennie, Adam Gilbertson, Joseph D. Tucker. American Journal of Bioethics. In early August 2016, when we began to … Continued

Review of Understanding Health Inequalities and Justice

Posted 2 years ago

Daniel Goldberg reviews Mara Buchbinder, Michele Rivkin-Fish, and Rebecca Walker’s new book. Inequality is core to virtually any Western conception of health justice. There is robust debate over which inequalities, if any, are unethical and over priority-setting among inequalities. Understanding … Continued