The Center’s Core Faculty engage in a wide range of empirical and normative scholarship. To catch up on the Center’s latest publications, click here.
Examples of current projects include:


Re-Engaging Ethics: Ethical Issues in Engaged Research

Posted 2 months ago

Project Description Re-Engaging Ethics is a project that is funded by the Greenwall Foundation. The purpose of this project is to create and disseminate recommendations for the review and conduct of community-engaged research, by engaging a diverse set of stakeholders … Continued


Strengthening Bioethics Capacity and Justice in Health

Posted 2 months ago

Francophone African countries are among the most resource-constrained in the world. Citizens in these regions commonly struggle with a wide variety of health problems related to poverty, political conflict and social upheaval. Those involved in local efforts to improve health, … Continued

Lee Farm, Woodstock, Vermont

Vermont Study on Aid in Dying

Posted 3 months ago

Vermont SAID The Vermont Study of Aid-in-Dying (Vermont SAID) investigates the implementation and cultural impact of Vermont’s “Patient Choice and Control at End of Life” Act (Act 39), enacted in May 2013. Due to the recent enactment of Act 39, and Vermont’s … Continued


Second Wave Initiative

Posted 3 months ago

  Each year, hundreds of thousands of pregnant women in the US face significant medical illness during their pregnancies, and many more do so worldwide. Diabetes and hypertension complicate 40,000+ pregnancies; psychiatric illness complicates an estimated 500,000; cancer and autoimmune … Continued


Virtue Ethics and Animal Research

Posted 8 months ago

The aim of this project is to develop a virtue ethical approach to biomedical animal research science. A virtue ethical approach to animal research has not yet been developed but the promise of this framework in addressing ethical issues arising … Continued



Posted 8 months ago

Social and Ethical Aspects of Research on Curing HIV A Working Group Co-Principle Investigators: Stuart Rennie Joseph Tucker One of the defining qualities of living with HIV has been that it is incurable, and this tenet has powerfully formed and … Continued

Membership Recruitment in Hospital Ethics Committees

Posted 8 months ago

Research Team Arlene Davis Anya Prince Jean Cadigan This exploratory study will gather information about recruitment, appointment, and training of members for hospital ethics committees (HECs). Past studies have examined HECs, but have focused on the roles of the committees … Continued



Posted 8 months ago

Principle Investigator: Jill Fisher This project investigates healthy volunteers’ patterns of participation in Phase I clinical trials, with particular attention to the differences among minority groups. The majority of healthy volunteers in clinical trials are serial participants, meaning that they … Continued


Advanced Research Ethics Training in South Africa

Posted 8 months ago

ARESA Co-Principal Investigators: Keymanthri Moodley (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa) Stuart Rennie (UNC) A collaboration between C:B Core Faculty member Stuart Rennie and colleagues at Stellenbosch University in South Africa has been awarded a grant from the Fogarty International Center … Continued

PEALS, Newcastle

Anticipating Personalized Genomic Medicine Impact and Implications

Posted 8 months ago

Co-Principal Investigators Eric Juengst (UNC) Jennifer Fishman (McGill University) Richard Settersten (Oregon State University) “Personalized Genomic Medicine” (PGM) has become a banner which unites a very wide array of scientific, clinical, and commercial initiatives, from medical sequencing and pharmacogenomics research … Continued


Approaches to Ethics Teaching in Medical Education

Posted 8 months ago

Arlene Davis, JD Jean Cadigan, PhD Benny Joyner, MD, MPH Rob Lovrich, MD Judit Kuhn, MD Paul Ossman, MD, MPH The Hospital Ethics Committee and Center for Bioethics are conducting a study of ethics education in order to develop ways to improve … Continued