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fistula-handout-partLouise Winstanly discusses the IntraHealth campaign, End Shame: Restore Dignity.

Two million women around the world live with fistula. Up to 100,000 more develop the condition every year, according to the World Health Organization. In low-income countries such as Mali, many women do not have access to the skilled health care that can prevent fistula, and may suffer with the condition for years.  Fistula’s physical and emotional tolls are incalculable. Women who suffer from it are often abandoned, ostracized from their families and communities, and forced to live alone on the fringes of society.  But most fistulas—up to 90% of cases—can be repaired with a surgical procedure.  IntraHealth International is working to raise $500,000 through its End Shame: Restore Dignity campaign to help women in Mali reclaim their dignity and well-being.

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