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C:B faculty published 40 articles in 2016, which is great, but only to be expected of a group like this. What was unusual was the run of lead articles by our faculty that were illustrated in the cover art of the Hastings Center Report and the American Journal of Bioethics.

Graphic allusions to papers by Rebecca Walker, Anne Lyerly and Mara BuchbinderStuart Rennie (and co.), Doug Mackay and Eric Juengst (and co.) graced the covers of issue # 2,4, and 5 of volume 46 of the HCR, and numbers 10 and11 of volume 16 of AJOB. Then our 2016 visitor Jennifer Fishman took the cover of AJOB Vol. 17, # 1, with one of her UNC sabbatical papers. We don’t know if promotion and tenure committees fully appreciate this mark of peer admiration, but they make a great display!