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Kelly Olsen and Austin Bath will join the Clinical Ethics Discussion Group as student leaders, and Hospital Ethics Committee as student members, in January 2018. Center for Bioethics faculty members Arlene Davis and Eric Juengst are advisors to the student group and Arlene Davis co-chairs the Hospital Ethics Committee.

Kelly Olsen is a first year MD/PhD student at UNC. She is from Saratoga Springs, NY, and before coming to UNC, did a combined BS/MS program in Biology at Villanova University working in zebrafish developmental genetics. She plans to do her PhD in immunology, as her research interests include genetics, immunotherapy, and blood cancers, and she is tentatively planning to go into hematology/oncology as her clinical field. Her ultimate career goal is to split her time between running a lab that does translational research on blood cancers, and seeing patients relevant to her research. In her free time she plays ice hockey and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking.


Austin Bath is a first-year medical student at the UNC School of Medicine. He attended North Carolina State University as a Park Scholar, where he earned a BS in the Biological Sciences.  While at NC State, Austin was named the university’s “Leader of the Pack,” was awarded the Walter J. Mathews Medal, and served as a Chancellor’s Aide. Before coming to the UNC School of Medicine, Austin served as an Emergency Medical Technician in Durham, North Carolina. In his free time Austin enjoys fish-keeping, skiing, and playing the drums.