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Konan Beke and Celia Mizelle have been selected as the new student leaders for the School of Medicine’s  Clinical Ethics Discussion Group This position also entails appointment to the UNC Hospital Ethics Committee. Outgoing leaders are Tyler Clay and Mark Baumgarten. Center for Bioethics faculty members Arlene Davis, Jean Cadigan, and Eric Juengst are advisors to the student group. Professors Davis and Cadigan are also HEC members.


Konan Beke


Konan Beke spent most of his childhood in Asheville, NC. In 2019, he graduated from Wake Forest University with a B.S. in Biology and a double minor in Chemistry and Philosophy. Konan also co-founded the first Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at Wake Forest; he hopes to integrate his interest in philosophy with his medical education through the study of bioethics and social medicine. After graduating, Konan worked as a medical scribe at a hematology/oncology practice which has inspired him to pursue Medical Oncology. Additionally, his interests include hiking, basketball, and podcasts.

Celia Mizelle Headshot


Celia grew up in a multigenerational household in Chapel Hill. After graduating from Duke in 2019, she worked for a modern dance company and enjoyed living in Colorado. For the past 3 years, she has volunteered as a birth doula, which solidified her desire to provide patient-centered primary care as a physician. As a doula, she saw that the principles of clinical ethics have salient applications within the field of OB/GYN, and she is eager to learn more through her involvement with the HEC.