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Margaret Waltz, PhD, of the UNC Department of Social Medicine and the UNC Center for Bioethics, was recently honored with the School of Medicine Dean’s Performance Award. The award is given out every year to individuals within the UNC School of Medicine who make significant contributions towards the School’s standing as a top research university.

Dr. Waltz was selected for two major accomplishments. Dr. Waltz built a method using audio recordings to analyze patient and provider communication during pediatric genetics and neurology appointments across clinics in North Carolina. She also was key in the creation of an Observed Standardized Clinical Examination (OSCE) to assess ethical tenets of the ACGME pediatric professionalism milestones.

UNC Bioethic’s Jean Cadigan, PhD, nominated Margaret Waltz for this award. On Dr. Waltz’s work, Dr. Cadigan said, “Dr. Waltz’s research covers a breadth of important topics related to medical education and bioethical issues surrounding human subjects research participation. She collaborates with interdisciplinary researchers and clinicians throughout the School of Medicine. She is a generous colleague and a highly skilled methodologist whose expertise enhances the value and rigor of every project she is involved with.”

Dr. Waltz serves as the Hospital Ethics Committee (HEC) Research Work Group’s first leader. As the leader, she’s developed a method to use clinical ethics consult data for research, advance ethical care of patients, and educate medical students on research conduct. She continues her ongoing work with the UNC Center for Bioethics studying ethical dilemmas in health care and medical research scenarios. Congratulations Margaret!