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Supporting OB-GYNs practicing in states with abortion restrictions just got a little easier, thanks to new recommendations published in JAMA.

Kavita S. Arora and Mara Buchbinder are co-authors, with Erika L. Sabbath (Boston College, Harvard University), on a new Viewpoint article in JAMA: “Supporting OB-GYNs in Abortion-Restrictive States—A Playbook for Institutions.”

The article offers recommendations that institutions can use to “support and retain OB-GYNs” in practice after the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization (2022) decision.

Buchbinder shared that “One of the most important findings from our research was that institutional practices and policies mediate the way that individual OB-GYNs experience abortion restrictions. Is it understandable that many OB-GYNs feel hopeless and demoralized in the wake of Dobbs. But our research points to practical things that hospitals can do to support OB-GYNs and improve their personal and professional wellbeing.”

Arora agreed, adding that “Our article presents an action-oriented framework for institutions to assist ob/gyns in mitigating patient harm and clinician moral distress.”

Key recommendations are gathered under three headings: medicolegal collaboration, materials and resources, and communication and messaging.

The recommendations include:

  • Acknowledging mutual discomfort.
  • Balancing institutional protection with patient care.
  • Providing guidance for patients who may require abortion care.
  • Providing timely legislative updates.
  • Engaging legal counsel with relevant expertise, with all-hours access.
  • Providing legal representation.
  • Acknowledging efforts on the workforce.
  • Supporting OB-GYNs to provide abortion care out of state.




The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology has also published a brief post on the new publication.