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History of the Merrimon Lecture

August 25, 2017

“What I have in mind may be briefly expressed. To give to medical students and others interested an insight in the history, traditions, philosophy and ethics of medicine. To help restore, in some degree, a sense of responsibility to medicine’s high tradition and its great responsibility for the future.” Louise M. Perry to William MacNider, … Read more

ELSI 2.0

June 26, 2012

C:B sponsors and hosts “ELSI 2.0:  Towards an International Collaboratory for Genomics and Society Research,”  a Satellite Workshop to the 2012 International Association of Bioethics meetings in Rotterdam, Netherlands. more information »

Marley Burns Virtual Mentor

April 23, 2012

UNC medical student Marley Burns was selected as this year’s student editor for the Virtual Mentor journal by the A.M.A. Congratulations, Marley!

Gruskin lecture

April 16, 2012

Sofia Gruskin, J.D., M.A., Director of the Program on Global Health and Human Rights, University of Southern California, presented the 1st Annual UNC Health and Human Rights Lecture, addressing, “A Rising Imperative:  Human Rights in Global Health.” more information »