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Izzy Brassfield

July 24, 2017

Izzy Brassfield is a student in UNC’s MD-PhD program. She completed her PhD in Philosophy in May of 2020. Her dissertation work focused on giving an account of conscience as a mental process, understanding its role in our moral psychology, and exploring the role of physician conscience in medical care. In addition to conceptual and … Read more

C:B Faculty Project Releases Zika Research Guidance

July 20, 2017

Under the co-leadership of C:B Associate Director Annie Lyerly, the Welcome Trust-funded PREVENT (Pregnancy Research Ethics for Vaccines, Epidemics and New Technologies) has released ethical guidelines for investigators conducting ZIKA research with pregnant women The inclusion of pregnant women in Zika virus vaccine research is crucial to solving the international health crisis, according to new guidance published by UNC’s … Read more

Stellenbosch Awarded NIH Fogarty Grant for Research Ethics Doctoral Program

July 20, 2017

The Center’s long-standing collaboration with the Centre for Medical Ethics and Law at University of Stellenbosch, Capetown, South Africa has been awarded a D43 grant from the NIH Fogarty International Center to establish the first ever African doctoral program on research ethics. This builds on the Stellenbosch University Advancing Research Ethics training in Southern Africa (ARESA) program, … Read more

Arlene Davis and Jean Cadigan win AHEC Campus Innovation Award

July 18, 2017

Center faculty Arlene Davis and Jean Cadigan, in a collaboration with Benny Joyner from the Department of Pediatrics, have won a “Campus Innovation Award” from the NC Area Health Education Centers to fund a new project entitled “Using Simulation to Assess Ethical Skills in the Context of ACGME Residency Milestones”. This project is funded through … Read more

Juengst presents a “Building Bridge” lecture on ethical trends in genomic medicine to the European Society of Human Genetics in Copenhagen

July 11, 2017

As part of the third annual “Building Bridges” session between the European Society for Human Genetics and the American Society for Human Genetics, Juengst presented a lecture entitled “From Medical Genetics to Applied Genomics: Implications for Human Geneticists’ Core Goals and Values“. The lecture was videotaped and can be viewed here:

Aid-in-Dying Laws and the Physician’s Duty to Inform

March 27, 2017

Why do so many people assume that any clinical communication about aid-in-dying (AID, also known as assisted suicide), where it is legal, ought to be patient-initiated? Physician participants in my ongoing study tend to assume that physicians should wait for patients to initiate discussions of AID. The clinical ethics literature on communication about AID has … Read more

Doug MacKay Presents at Conference

March 27, 2017

Center core faculty, Doug MacKay, presents at the conference, The Future of Work, Technology and a Basic Income, at Bowling Green State University, Ohio.  Doug’s talk, “Basic Income, Cash Transfers, and Welfare State Paternalism”, is 2017 April 7.