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No More Militaristic and Violent Language in Medicine

December 5, 2016

Response to Open Peer Commentaries on “Healing Without Waging War: Beyond Military Metaphors in Medicine and HIV Cure Research” Jing-Bao Nie, Stuart Rennie, Adam Gilbertson, Joseph D. Tucker. American Journal of Bioethics. In early August 2016, when we began to write this response to the peer commentaries at the invitation of the AJOB editorial team, … Read more

Review of Understanding Health Inequalities and Justice

November 29, 2016

Daniel Goldberg reviews Mara Buchbinder, Michele Rivkin-Fish, and Rebecca Walker’s new book. Inequality is core to virtually any Western conception of health justice. There is robust debate over which inequalities, if any, are unethical and over priority-setting among inequalities. Understanding Health Inequalities and Justice, edited by three scholars (two anthropologists and a philosopher) represents one … Read more

A Qualitative Exploration of the Mental Health and Psychosocial Contexts of HIV-Positive Adolescents in Tanzania

November 28, 2016

Megan Ramaiya, Kristen Sullivan, et al. PLoS ONE. Although 85% of HIV-positive adolescents reside in sub-Saharan Africa, little is known about the psychosocial and mental health factors affecting their daily well-being. Identifying these contextual variables is key to development of culturally appropriate and effective interventions for this understudied and high-risk population. The purpose of this … Read more

Healing Without Waging War

November 16, 2016

Beyond Military Metaphors in Medicine and HIV Cure Research Jing-Bao Nie, Adam Gilbertson, Malcolm de Roubaix, Ciara Staunton, Anton van Niekerk, Joseph D. Tucker, Stuart Rennie Published 2016 October 17 in The American Journal of Bioethics Military metaphors are pervasive in biomedicine, including HIV research. Rooted in the mind set that regards pathogens as enemies … Read more

Mara Buchbinder to speak at Pediatric Bioethics Conference

November 3, 2016

Center for Bioethics faculty Mara Buchbinder will present “Truth-Telling in the “Metaphor Clinic”: Language, Ethics, and Pediatric Pain” at the 9th Annual Pediatric Bioethics Conference in Jacksonville Florida on November 4th. More information

From “Personalized” to “Precision” Medicine

October 27, 2016

  The Ethical and Social Implications of Rhetorical Reform in Genomic Medicine Eric Juengst, Michelle L. McGowan, Jennifer R. Fishman, Richard A. Settersten Jr. Published September 2016 in The Hastings Center Report Since the late 1980s, the human genetics and genomics research community has been promising to usher in a “new paradigm for health care”—one … Read more

The Ethics of Organ Donor Registration Policies

October 24, 2016

Nudges and Respect for Autonomy Douglas MacKay Published 2016 October 17 in The American Journal of Bioethics Governments must determine the legal procedures by which their residents are registered, or can register, as organ donors. Provided that governments recognize that people have a right to determine what happens to their organs after they die, there … Read more

Understanding Health Inequalities and Justice

September 26, 2016

New Conversations across the Disciplines Edited by Mara Buchbinder, Michele Rivkin-Fish, and Rebecca Walker. Available November 2016. Amid ongoing debate about health care reform, the need for informed analyses of health policy is greater than ever. The twelve original essays in this volume show that common public debates routinely bypass complex ethical, sociocultural, historical, and … Read more

Risk and Emotion Among Healthy Volunteers in Clinical Trials

August 5, 2016

Marci Cottingham Jill Fisher Published 2016 July 29 in Social Psychology Quarterly (before print) Theorized as objective or constructed, risk is recognized as unequally distributed across social hierarchies. Yet the process by which social forces shape risk and risk emotions remains unknown. The pharmaceutical industry depends on healthy individuals to voluntarily test early-stage, investigational drugs … Read more

Virtue Ethics and Animal Research

July 29, 2016

Principal Investigator:  Rebecca L. Walker The aim of this project is to develop a virtue ethical approach to biomedical animal research science. A virtue ethical approach to animal research has not yet been developed but the promise of this framework in addressing ethical issues arising within the practice of animal research is significant. In addition, … Read more