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The Parr Center for Ethics has proudly served as Carolina’s focal point for inquiry into and discussion of ethical questions since 2004. The mission of the Parr Center is to nourish and foster ethical reflection and moral sensitivity on campus and beyond, guided by the conviction that ethics is everywhere. The Parr Center is committed to integrating abstract work in ethical theory with thoughtful, informed exploration of ethical issues important to the University and the communities it serves. The Parr Center is housed physically and administratively within UNC’s Department of Philosophy in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Ethics Bowl

The Parr Center for Ethics is proud to have been home and host to the North Carolina High School Ethics Bowl since its foundation in 2012. As a qualifying Regional Competition of the Parr Center’s National High School Ethics Bowl program, the NCHSEB makes use of the same format, rules, and regulations as the NHSEB. After the Regional Competition (usually in January) the NCHSEB’s winner annually advances to the NHSEB Southeastern Divisional Playoffs hosted by the Parr Center via NHSEBOne. Winners of Divisional Matches will advance to the NHSEB National Championship held in Chapel Hill each April. For more information on the NCHSEB, or for assistance starting a team at your school, please contact NCHSEB Organizer, Dr. Alex Richardson.