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Research Ethics Grand Rounds is a seminar series of local and invited speakers, addressing current ethical, legal and social issues in the design and conduct of biomedical research involving human subjects.

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Research Ethics Grand Rounds are co-sponsored by
UNC Center for Bioethics
North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute
UNC Office of Human Research Ethics

Upcoming Research Ethics Grand Rounds

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Past Research Ethics Grand Rounds

All of Us

Developing a Scalable Consent for Diverse Participant Engagement

2018 February 15, ,
Megan Doerr, M.S., L.G.C

        The All of Us Research Program, a keystone of the Precision Medicine Initiative, aims to assemble … Read more

Burgoo vs. Quinoa

Reconciling Local vs. Global Governance in Networked Biorepositories

2017 November 30, , MacNider 021
Kyle Brothers and Aaron Goldenberg

As biomedical research generates ever-growing requirements for large sample sizes, it has increasingly depended on biorepositories to provide biosamples and … Read more

Pathways to Trust

Genomics, Precision Medicine, and Health Disparities

2017 October 4, , Old Clinic Auditorium 4008
Wylie Burke

Wylie Burke, MD, PhD is Professor and former Chair of the Department of Bioethics and Humanities at the University of … Read more

Digital Informed Consent for Pragmatic and Other Large-scale Trials

2017 May 18, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Chris Simon

Digital technologies are changing how people are recruited to research and raising new ethical, practical, and social considerations. Informed consent … Read more

Updating Regulations for Human Subjects Research

The New Common Rule has Arrived! What Changes are Coming?

2017 April 20, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Daniel Nelson

In early 2017, just prior to the change in administration, the 18 federal agencies that share the “Common Rule” that … Read more

Reflecting on “Experimenting with Humans and Animals”

2017 March 23, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Anita Guerrini

Looking at human and animal experimentation together revealed intersections and differences that were not immediately evident. This talk will look at … Read more

Ethical and Regulatory issues in “E-consent” to Clinical Research

2017 February 16, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
John Wilbanks

As translational researchers turn to electronic information sources for clinical research recruitment, they are increasingly using on-line communication tools to … Read more

Ethics of treatment interruption in HIV cure trials

Normative and empirical perspectives

2016 November 17, , 219 Brinkhous-Bullitt
Gail Henderson and Stuart Rennie

Gail E. Henderson, PhD, is professor of Social Medicine in the School of Medicine, and Director of the UNC Center … Read more

Duties to look, return, or rescue

Moral obligations and incidental findings in research

2016 October 20, , 219 Brinkhous-Bullitt
Karen Meagher

Dr. Karen Meagher graduated in Hamilton College in 2004 with a biology. She received a PhD in Philosophy from … Read more

Employees as research participants

Ethical and regulatory considerations

2016 April 21, , 219 Brinkhous-Bullitt
David Resnik

Dr. Resnik has an M.A. and Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and J.D. … Read more

Should we take the moral concerns of biobank donors seriously?

, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Raymond De Vries

Biobanking is becoming an increasingly important component of genomic and medical research. President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative ― which proposes the … Read more

Join the Conquest

Increasing participation in clinical research in North Carolina

2016 March 10, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Heidi Hennink-Kaminski, Michelle Maclay, and Carol Brelan

Clinical trial recruitment is in crisis. The public typically encounters clinical trial information in controversies or study-specific recruitment ads, which … Read more

Patient perspectives on research on standard medical practices

Implications for consent

2016 February 18, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Kevin Weinfurt

Dr. Kevin P. Weinfurt is Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke Clinical … Read more

Informed consent for oncology phase 1 clinical trials in the 21st century

2016 January 21, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Katie Reeder-Hayes and Claire Dees

Dr. Katie Reeder-Hayes and Dr. Claire Dees, UNC Division of Oncology, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Automatic placement of genomic research results in medical records

Do researchers have a duty? Should participants have a choice?

2015 November 19, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Anya Prince & Jean Cadigan

In genomics research, it is becoming common practice to return individualized primary and incidental findings to participants and several ongoing major … Read more

Proposed changes to the Common Rule IRB regulations

Step 2 in changing the world as we know it

2015 October 15, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Daniel Nelson

On September 2, 2015, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced its long-awaited proposal to revise the “Common … Read more

Handling research animal ethics

Interactions between science and welfare

2015 April 16, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Nicole Nelson

Research on animal welfare is organized around a distinction between the care of animals and their use in experiments. Nicole … Read more

Rules, rebels and scientific integrity

Do you have to be a “good scientist” to be a good scientist?

2015 March 19, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Eric Juengst

Most courses and texts on the responsible conduct of research imply that the professional ethical norms they teach also facilitate … Read more

The ethics of clinical research during an epidemic

Lessons from Ebola

2015 February 19, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Annette Rid

The 2014 Ebola epidemic in west Africa is the most severe and largest documented to date. It is also the … Read more

Paying research “volunteers”

Ethical and regulatory concerns

2014 November 20, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Toby Schonfeld

Compensating research participants has been the subject of national debate for some time. In this presentation, I will review the … Read more

Dignitary and other intangible harms in clinical research

Regulatory and ethical challenges

2014 October 9, , Brinkhous-Bullitt 219
Richard Saver

Can research subjects be “wronged” even if not physically injured in a clinical trial? Thorny questions of how to account … Read more

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