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The Core Faculty and Research Scientists in the Center for Bioethics translate their scholarship and experience into a wide variety of initiatives, permitting us to encourage robust bioethical inquiry within and beyond the Center.  These initiatives are made possible by working with our Center Staff whose expertise strengthens and promotes our work.

Our Trainees and Students add an important dimension to our Center’s efforts in scholarship and practice. Their commitment to ethics in their own educational trajectories enhances the contributions we can make at UNC and elsewhere. We are proud of our Fellow Alumni who have taken their interests in bioethics to new settings.

The Center is collaborative, aiming to bring together individuals from various disciplinary backgrounds to further their interests in bioethics and to build a community of scholars and practitioners prepared to address the ethical issues critical to their endeavors. Our Center Associates have faculty appointments throughout the UNC system and share in our goals through their participation in our educational and outreach events, promotion of our research and service efforts, and partnership on specific projects.