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Izzy Brassfield is a student in UNC’s MD-PhD program. She completed her PhD in Philosophy in May of 2020. Her dissertation work focused on giving an account of conscience as a mental process, understanding its role in our moral psychology, and exploring the role of physician conscience in medical care. In addition to conceptual and applied ethics, Izzy is interested in interdisciplinary and empirical ethics research. She spent several years working with Mara Buchbinder on The Vermont Study on Aid-in-Dying, a qualitative interview study that explored Vermont’s implementation of legal physician aid-in-dying. Other recent projects have explored women’s experiences following sexual assault, scarce drug rationing, and the implementation of visitor restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has been a student member of the Hospital Ethics Committee since 2016, participating in ethics consults, policy work, ethics education, and research. She is currently completing her last year of medical school and applying to residency programs in pediatrics.