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Access to antiretroviral treatment (ART) in South Africa is suboptimal and erratic. For those on treatment, compliance remains a significant challenge. Interruptions to ART have negative implications for the individual and the epidemic. ART is therefore not a sustainable solution and there is an urgent need for a cure. As HIV cure research expands globally, the need to engage community members about cure is becoming a priority. It is vital that potential trial participants understand basic HIV cure research concepts. An online interactive educational tool was co-created with HIV stakeholders to engage and inform HIV research trial participants. The study was conducted with patients at the FAMCRU HIV clinic at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. The educational tool comprises two modules that provide information on HIV prevention, treatment and cure research. Participants completed a questionnaire before and after interacting with the programme. There was a significant increase in knowledge scores of participants demonstrated after using the tool. The interactive tool was successful in increasing participants’ knowledge of HIV prevention, treatment and cure research.


(NOTE: Stuart Rennie is co-Principal Investigator of a NIH-funded research project on the social and ethical implications of HIV cure research (searcHIV))