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Do Groups Have Moral Standing in Unregulated mHealth Research?

May 14, 2020

For the most part, discussions of the ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) of mHealth research have been preoccupied with the welfare and interests of individual participants — i.e., those who carry the devices running the programs that provide their health data to researchers. Since the ultimate benefits of mHealth research are so often framed … Read more

Expert Stakeholders’ Perspectives on a Data-to-Care Strategy for Improving Care Among HIV-Positive Individuals Incarcerated in Jails

May 1, 2020

Data-to-Care (D2C) uses surveillance data (e.g., laboratory, Medicaid billing) to identify out-of-care HIV-positive persons to re-link them to care. Most US states are implementing D2C, yet few studies have explored stakeholders’ perspectives on D2C, and none have addressed these perspectives in the context of D2C in jail. This article reports findings from qualitative, semi-structured interviews … Read more

CEDG and HEC Welcome Sara Meyers and Lisa Michelson

October 3, 2019

Sara Meyers and Lisa Michelson have been selected as the new student leaders for the School of Medicine’s  Clinical Ethics Discussion Group This position also entails appointment to the UNC Hospital Ethics Committee. Outgoing leaders are Tyler Clay and Mark Baumgarten. Center for Bioethics faculty members Arlene Davis, Jean Cadigan, and Eric Juengst are advisors to … Read more

Public Health Genomics, Biobanking, and Ethics

April 12, 2019

As large-scale biobanks are developed for translational genomic research and health care quality improvement, they are also becoming attractive as sites for public health interventions, such as population-based preventive sequencing for actionable variants. With the rapid advance of next-generation sequencing, the feasibility of such population health interventions is also increasing. The resulting confluence of public … Read more

Beyond Our Beginnings: 50 Years of Bioethics

February 12, 2019

“Beyond Our Beginnings:  50 Years of Bioethics“. We are hosting it at the Mews location at the  Graylyn International Conference Center In recognition of the Hastings Center’s 50th anniversary, this conference surveys the past, present, and future of bioethics scholarship, practice, and policy. The program addresses a broad range of issues and topics, including medical … Read more

Is Enhancement the Price of Prevention in Human Gene Editing?

November 26, 2018

New gene-editing tools challenge conventional policy proscriptions of research aimed at either human germline gene editing or human enhancement by potentially lowering technical barriers to both kinds of intervention. Some recent gene-editing reports have begun to take up the prospect of germline editing, but most experts are in broad agreement that research should prioritize medical … Read more