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Pregnant Individuals’ Views on Fetal Tissue Research in the United States

November 1, 2021

Abstract Objective: Fetal tissue research has driven significant medical advances but remains publicly contentious in the United States. The views of pregnant individuals in the United States regarding the donation of fetal tissue offer an important and previously unexplored perspective on this issue. Methods: We conducted a secondary analysis of data from two separate, broader … Continued

PREPARE (PRomoting Equity for Pregnant Adolescents in REsearch)

October 22, 2021

Annie Lyerly and Kristen Sullivan have been awarded an R01 from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) to develop empirically informed guidance for conducting ethically responsible HIV/co-infections research with pregnant adolescents.  Pregnant adolescents face synergistic challenges in the context of HIV – heightened risk of maternal infection, vertical transmission, and maternal and … Continued

IRB Decision-Making about Minimal Risk Research with Pregnant Participants

September 16, 2021

Pregnant individuals are often excluded from research without clear justification, even when the research poses minimal risk of harm to the fetus. Little is known about institutional review board (IRB) decision-making practices when reviewing such research. We conducted a survey of current and former IRB personnel in the United States to elicit their interpretations of … Continued