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Rennie & Moodley Guest Editors for the South African Journal of Science

June 1, 2023

Stuart Rennie & Keymanthri Moodley were Guest Editors for the South African Journal of Science for the special issue on Big Data and AI in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to Stuart and Keymanthri, there are several bioethics-related articles from the Center for Bioethics contributors Eric Juengst and Suzanne Day, and from members of the REDSSA … Continued

PROMPT Bioethics Study Team prepared White Paper

May 26, 2023

PROMPT Bioethics Study Team, Ann Dennis, MD, MS, Suzanne Day, PhD, MA; Stuart Rennie, PhD; and Kristen Sullivan, PhD. The Dennis Research Group in the School of Medicine has released a new white paper titled, “Revitalizing Community Engagement in the Public Health Use of Molecular HIV Epidemiology.”

Attitudes About Analytic Treatment Interruption (ATI) in HIV Remission Trials with Different Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Resumption Criteria

January 8, 2022

HIV remission trials often require temporary stopping of antiretroviral therapy (ART)—an approach called analytic treatment interruption (ATI). Trial designs resulting in viremia raise risks for participants and sexual partners. We conducted a survey on attitudes about remission trials, comparing ART resumption criteria (lower-risk “time to rebound” and higher-risk “sustained viremia”) among participants from an acute … Continued

Ethical Considerations for HIV Remission Clinical Research Involving Participants Diagnosed During Acute HIV Infection

December 28, 2021

HIV remission clinical researchers are increasingly seeking study participants who are diagnosed and treated during acute HIV infection—the brief period between infection and the point when the body creates detectable HIV antibodies. This earliest stage of infection is often marked by flu-like illness and may be an especially tumultuous period of confusion, guilt, anger, and … Continued