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Clinical Pathways

October 17, 2017

Our health care system’s shift from a fee-for-service to a value based repayment models has placed considerable emphasis on the quality of health care. However, collectively or individually, patients, clinicians, and health care organizations may vary in their views of what constitutes high quality health care. It is in this context that quality improvement aims … Continued

A ROMP in the PARC

September 16, 2016

Please join us for this presentation examining the intersections of clinical care and research. Dr. Wilfond will address ethical issues related to research on medical practices using randomization in the context of a controversial study of oxygen saturation levels in premature infants. This study, and Dr. Wilfond’s related research on public views of the role … Continued

Moral distress consultation

September 16, 2016

Moral distress has negative implications for healthcare providers and organizations in terms of burnout, intent to leave, and poorer perceived work environments. Further, the presence of moral distress among healthcare providers is an indicator that something is amiss with regard to patient care. Increasingly, providers and organizations are interested in developing interventions to address moral … Continued

Ways to Watch

September 16, 2016

Video and audio recording of moments in our lives has become commonplace with the widespread use of smartphones and other recording devices. Health care settings are no exception. Recording in this sensitive domain has raised ethical issues of transparency, trust, consent, respectful treatment, welfare, confidentiality, and privacy. Theses issues, in the context of motivations, processes, … Continued

What does religion have to do with medical ethics?

September 14, 2016

Clinicians’ religious characteristics may strongly shape practice, particularly with respect to morally controversial interventions. Religion-associated differences may then expose the limits of what we know as “medical ethics” and require us to look beneath the surface of clinical ethical disputes to examine the deeper disagreements that lead not only to arguments about which clinical interventions … Continued

Ethical Care of the Prisoner-Patient

September 30, 2015

Michelle Curl, RN, BSN. Liver Transplant Coordinator. Sarah Fotheringham, JD. Associate General Counsel, UNC Health Care System. Arlene Davis, JD. UNC Center for Bioethics. Paul Ossman, MD, MPH. Associate Director, Hospital Medicine Program. **No CEUs will be offered for this February session.

Ethics in end of life care

September 30, 2015

Margaret P. Battin is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Adjunct Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Medical Ethics, at the University of Utah. At the end of life, decisions arise which may present complex ethical dilemmas. Such decisions include the best treatment to ease a patient’s suffering, the benefits and drawbacks of various treatments, the … Continued