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Working Towards Justice & Genetic Health Literacy in Clinical Genomics

May 16, 2024

6th in the Carolina Seminar Series, “SCIENCE MEETS SOCIETY AT THE INTERSECTION BETWEEN PRECISION MEDICINE AND JUSTICE, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION” Marginalized racial and ethnic communities have been the focus of increased attention by precision medicine researchers seeking to foster justice and promote health equity in clinical genomics. Low education level and socioeconomic status are factors … Read more

Unlocking Equity: Disability Inclusion in Precision Medicine Research

April 29, 2024

5th in the Carolina Seminar Series, “Science meets society at the intersection between precision medicine and justice, equity, and inclusion” Despite comprising about 27% of the US population, the disability community has remained largely absent from diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts in precision medicine and genomics research. Research suggests that individuals with disabilities are … Read more

ELSI and the Virome: Bugs, Drugs, and Precision Viral Care

April 22, 2024

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Ethics Research, Mayo Clinic   Advancing understanding of the human virome (all viruses that live in and on us) is a national scientific priority. Commensal relationships with viruses prompt questions of what it means to be human and healthy, shifting with new understandings of our complex cohabitation with the most abundant … Read more

Confronting Bias in Medical Algorithms at UNC Health

March 28, 2024

Registration required – Lunch will be provided. Please place your order during registration. This seminar features three UNC faculty who will offer their perspectives on bias in medical algorithms. Dr. Gibson, a nephrologist, will discuss race corrections for estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). Dr. Goralski, Pulmonary/Critical Care, will discuss bias in pulse oximeter and … Read more

Trans Health & STS: Perspectives from the Sociology of Science and Knowledge

March 19, 2024

The Science, Knowledge, and Technology (SKAT) Section of the American Sociological Association (ASA) will host a virtual panel discussion highlighting science and technology studies (STS) approaches to trans health research on April 12, 2024, at 12 pm ET. Moderated by Hayden Fulton (University of South Florida) and featuring the research and perspectives of Christoph Hanssmann … Read more

How Race Works

February 29, 2024

David Livingstone Smith Professor of Philosophy University of New England Registration Required

PARR Center for Ethics: Christian Miller, Wake Forest University

January 10, 2024

“What is Honesty, Are Most People Honest, and How Can We Become More Honest?” Honesty is clearly an important virtue. Parents want to develop it in their children. Close relationships typically depend upon it. Employers value it in their employees. Yet philosophers have said almost nothing about the virtue of honesty in the past fifty … Read more

CENNC Conference: Where Ethics Meets Law

December 15, 2023

The Center serves as the home for the Clinical Ethics Network of North Carolina (CENNC), an organization jointly established by colleagues in our sister bioethics centers at Wake Forest University, Duke University and East Carolina University to provide practical education in clinical ethics for health care organizations across the state.  CENNC, with leadership from Deb … Read more