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This Tar Heal Tuesday, we invite you to be a vital part of supporting the UNC Center for Bioethics in its mission to promote ethical practices in research and health care. Your contribution will directly impact the research initiatives, educational programs, and expert consultations that help our constituents address complex ethical challenges.

For Tar Heal Tuesday 2023 the UNC Center for Bioethics highlights its contributions to ethics education and patient care by focusing on its work with residents and physician faculty within UNC Hospitals. Bioethics plays a pivotal role in healthcare, addressing ways to consider ethical challenges in complex situations. By helping healthcare providers attain the necessary tools and knowledge, the UNC Center for Bioethics contributes significantly to fostering a culture of compassionate and responsible healthcare delivery.

  • “My experiences working with the Center for Bioethics have been critical to my development as a physician. My introduction to the Center began during medical school and showed me to a welcoming community of mentors and scholars who have been critical to my growth as a healthcare provider. Now, as a pediatric resident at UNC, I am able to incorporate the teachings from the Center into providing thoughtful and respectful care to my patients and their families, often at the most critical junctures of their lives,” shares Dr. Rohit Jaswaney.
  • I always find the educational program and Ethics Consult Service incredibly valuable for our Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) patients and learners. Ethics consultations regarding patient care matters, and regular Ethics-on-Rounds, support our team when we encounter ethical challenges, especially regarding end-of-life care and healthcare proxy determination. Regular education sessions with our learners in the MICU focus on the most complex cases in the MICU and help us to better understand how to navigate these scenarios,” notes Dr. Kenton Dover, MICU Medical Director.

By donating, you are not only supporting the Center’s commitment to fostering ethical practice in health care. Your generosity will also make a lasting difference in the lives of patients, hospital staff, healthcare providers, researchers, and others in our UNC community.

You can make your gift at