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CEDG and HEC Welcome Emma Hergenrother and Emma Kaplan

November 29, 2023

Emma Hergenrother and Emma Kaplan have been selected as the new student leaders for the School of Medicine’s  Clinical Ethics Discussion Group This position also entails appointment to the UNC Hospital Ethics Committee. Outgoing leaders are Konan Beke and Celia Mizelle. Center for Bioethics faculty members Arlene Davis and Jean Cadigan are advisors to the student group. Professors Davis and Cadigan … Read more

Join UNC Center for Bioethics for Tar Heal Tuesday 2023

November 27, 2023

This Tar Heal Tuesday, we invite you to be a vital part of supporting the UNC Center for Bioethics in its mission to promote ethical practices in research and health care. Your contribution will directly impact the research initiatives, educational programs, and expert consultations that help our constituents address complex ethical challenges. For Tar Heal … Read more

Anne Lyerly Featured on the latest Px Pulse podcast episode

November 8, 2023

AVAC’s latest Px Pulse podcast episode, Pregnant and Lactating People in HIV Research: What you need to know, will be released on Monday, November 6. Featuring Dr. Anne Drapkin Lyerly of UNC Center for Bioethics and PHASES Project, Dr. Ashley Lima of USAID Office of HIV/AIDS Research Division, and Dr. Takunda Sola of Zimbabwe MoH … Read more

2023 Merrimon Lecture available to watch

October 27, 2023

October 26- I. Glenn Cohen -“2023 Merrimon Lecture”- Video: ” Integrating Artificial Intelligence Into Health Care: Ethical and Legal Challenges” VIDEO WILL ONLY BE POSTED FOR 60 DAYS and requires onyen to watch

MD Program: The Black Alumni Experience Project

September 8, 2023

This collection of oral histories takes one step – of many possible – to address this question. The 1960s and 1970s were pivotal decades during which the number of underrepresented minority medical students increased significantly from about 1% to about 16% in 1976, mirroring national trends, through recruitment efforts and the support students received from … Read more

Aurora Washington Center’s Postdoctoral Fellow interviewed for Inside Higher Ed

July 19, 2023

Dr. Aurora Washington of UNC Bioethics, and Dr. Rebekah Layton of the UNC School of Education, were the focus of an article on their work advising students from historically excluded groups on networking, mentoring, and career planning. Read how Dr. Washington and Dr. Layton work to demystify the “hidden curriculum” of higher education. #UNC #Bioethics

Jill Fisher receives a Three-Year grant from the NIH

July 17, 2023

Dr. Jill A. Fisher is the recipient of a three-year grant from the National Library of Medicine (NIH) to support the writing of a scholarly book on the medicalization and pharmaceuticalization of food allergies. Tentatively titled “Challenging Allergies: The Search for a Magic Bullet for Pediatric Food Allergies,” the book will explore how US families … Read more

Clinical Ethics Discussion Group showcased their research at the AOE Evening of Scholarship

June 7, 2023

Three members of the Clinical Ethics Discussion Group showcased their research at the AOE Evening of Scholarship in June. Medical students Matt Washko, Reece Carter, and Celia Mizelle developed an innovative study exploring first-year medical students’ perception of their fundamental skills in addressing ethical issues in clinical practice. Their intervention of interest, with pre and … Read more