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The Center’s Core Faculty engage in a wide range of teaching across the UNC campus and within the UNC School of Medicine core curriculum, graduate, and postgraduate clinical training programs. Examples of past courses include:

School of Medicine

  • MEDI 127: “Medicine and Society.” Faculty: Arlene Davis, Rebecca Walker, Anne Lyerly
  • MEDI 231.008: “Biomed Research Ethics.” Faculty: Rebecca Walker
  • HSS Seminar #2: “Bioethics Methods, Concepts, and Cases”. Faculty: Rebecca Walker
  • HSS Seminar #7: “Anticipating Personalized Genomic Medicine: Ethical Implications for Clinical Practice and Society.” Faculty: Eric Juengst
  • HSS Seminar #11: “Global Health and Medical Ethics.” Faculty: Stuart Rennie
  • Science of Medicine 4th Year Seminar: “Talking about Ethical Issues in Clinical and Research Settings:
    A Contextualized Refresher.” Faculty: Arlene Davis and a rotating group of other Center faculty

UNC Healthcare

Clinical Ethics Grand Rounds
A monthly presentation devoted to issues in clinical care, health care delivery, and health care organizational ethics.

Undergraduate and graduate medical education
Scheduled sessions devoted to issues that students and residents identify as ethical dilemmas, as well as participation in rounds. The consultation director and a physician co-direct each series. Current examples include:

  • PICU Ethics Series
  • MICU Ethics Series
  • NCCC Ethics Series
  • Emergency Medicine Series
  • Pediatric Resident Series
  • SICU Ethics Project

Hospital Staff
Ethics education for hospital staff offered in a variety of settings by members of the Hospital Ethics Committee.

Respiratory Ethics Series

Nursing Series

  • NCCC Ethics in Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Residency Orientation
  • Nursing Oncology Core Ethics in Nursing Practice
  • New Hospital Employees: Introduction to the Hospital Ethics Committee

College of Arts and Sciences

  • PHIL 163: “Bioethics.” Faculty: Rebecca Walker
  • PHIL 495: “Health Care, Science & Philosophy.” Faculty: Rebecca Walker

School of Public Health

  • EPID 891: “Doctoral Seminar: History and Philosophy of Epidemiology.” Faculty: Stuart Rennie
  • EPID 898: “Global Health Ethics.” Faculty: Stuart Rennie