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This semester UNC Center for Bioethics faculty members Stuart Rennie, Jill Fisher, Mara Buchbinder, and Eric Juengst are all teaching Advanced Seminars in the Humanities and Social Sciences for MS2 students in the UNC School of Medicine. These seminars offer medical students an opportunity to engage with scholarship on health, illness, and medical care in wide variety of fields.

  • In her course Dr. Buchbinder leads her students into examinations of key issues and debates associated with death, dying, and end-of-life care in the contemporary United States.
  • Dr. Rennie’s course focuses on ethical challenges raised by medical practice and biomedical research in a global context.
  • Dr. Fisher’s course explores the social and political dynamics between drug development research, the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare system.
  • Dr. Juengst’s seminar is designed to familiarize medical students with the ethical and social challenges they may face as genomic research is “translated” into clinical care.

These seminar are in addition to the yearlong small group teaching for UNC MS1 students which Mara Buchbinder, Rebecca Walker, Jean Cadigan, and Annie Lyerly are doing in 2017-18 as part of the Department of Social Medicine’s longstanding required course on the social context of contemporary health care.