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We offer ethics consultation using a team approach, with a review of selected consults at our HEC member meetings. We characterize our consultations by the nature and intensity of our involvement and by the focal patient. Any one patient matter may have several encounters, including interviews, meetings, and participation in rounds.

Clinical ethics consultations are provided by the Clinical Ethics Service and Hospital Ethics Committee for UNC Hospitals. To make a consult request please call 919-843-1470.  Arlene Davis, Benny Joyner, and Gary Gala provide leadership for the Service and Committee.  The Committee also generally provides advice for the Ethics Committees throughout UNC Health.

The work of consultation could not occur without the dedicated efforts of our lead consultant (LC) group. These faculty and staff members volunteer their time to the complex work of consultation, assisted by HEC members who serve on our general consult team. The LC group meets separately for case discussion and educational development.

More information at the Hospital Ethics Committee »

The Clinical Ethics Service is growing its capacity to offer ethics consultation at each UNC Hospital’s campus: the Medical Center, the Hillsborough Hospital, and the Hospice Center.

The UNC Health system is growing and has a number of affiliate hospitals, each with its own ethics services for patients and staff. Our Clinical Ethics Service networks with the ethics committees in our affiliate hospitals.