The UNC Center for Bioethics facilitates research, education and consultation on ethical issues in biomedical research and health care. The Center is sponsored by the UNC School of Medicine, but includes faculty from and partnerships with programs across the University and the UNC Health Care System.

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Eric Juengst

Citizen science or scientific citizenship?

Posted 3 weeks ago

Citizen science or scientific citizenship? Disentangling the uses of public engagement rhetoric in national research initiatives J. Patrick Woolley, Michelle L. McGowan, Harriet J. A. Teare, Victoria Coathup, Jennifer R. Fishman, Richard A. Settersten Jr., Sigrid Sterckx, Jane Kaye & … Continued


Phronesis: Beyond the research ethics committee

Posted 4 weeks ago

A crucial decision-making skill for health researchers during community research. Minrie Greeff and Stuart Rennie. Published 2016 May 26 in The Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics. Health researchers conducting research in the community are often faced with … Continued

Mara Buchbinder

Reframing Conscientious Care: Q&A with Mara Buchbinder

Posted 1 month ago

Mara Buchbinder, Ph.D. Published May 13th on The Hastings Center Bioethics Forum. “Much of the conversation about conscience in health care has focused on the ethics of physician refusal to perform procedures that they object to. However, this framework seems … Continued


Zika highlights need for research on pregnant women

Posted 2 months ago

Anne Drapkin Lyerly, Carleigh Krubiner, Ruth Faden. Op ed published April 2016 in The Baltimore Sun. The rapid spread of the Zika virus — and its now clear association with microcephaly in babies exposed prenatally — has put extraordinary pressure … Continued


Susan Lederer

Posted 6 months ago

The UNC Center for Bioethics and the Department of Social Medicine are hosting Dr. Susan E. Lederer this 2016 spring semester as the 2016 Nannerl Keohane Distinguished Professor at UNC and Duke University. Susan E. Lederer is the Robert Turell Professor … Continued


Are skill-selective immigration policies just?

Posted 6 months ago

Douglas MacKay. Published January 2016 in Social Theory and Practice. Many high-income countries have skill-selective immigration policies, favoring prospective immigrants who are highly skilled. I investigate whether it is permissible for high-income countries to adopt such policies. Adopting what Joseph … Continued

discursive constructions 400

The empty performative? Informed consent to genetic research

Posted 6 months ago

John Conley, Jean Cadigan, Arlene Davis. In Discursive constructions of consent in the legal process. In this chapter we analyze the linguistic and discursive aspects of a specialized form of consent: informed consent given by people who contribute DNA samples … Continued


Interview with Mara Buchbinder

Posted 7 months ago

Mara Buchbinder, PhD is Assistant Professor of Social Medicine at UNC, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UNC, and Core Faculty of the UNC Center for Bioethics. What does Bioethics mean to you? I think that bioethics is a broad … Continued


Interview with Doug MacKay

Posted 7 months ago

Douglas MacKay, PhD is Assistant Professor of Public Policy at UNC, Duncan and Rebecca MacRae Fellow, and Core Faculty of the UNC Center for Bioethics. What does Bioethics mean to you? I would say it’s the normative and empirical study … Continued


Mosaic features Anne Lyerly’s work

Posted 7 months ago

Hard labour: the case for testing drugs on pregnant women Traditionally, expectant mothers have been excluded from clinical trials, but could this practice be doing more harm than good? Emily Anthes investigates. When the heart stops beating, minutes matter. With … Continued


Philosophy and psychiatry: Problems, intersections and new perspectives

Posted 8 months ago

Edited by Daniel Moseley and Gary Gala. Published 2015 September 30. This groundbreaking volume of original essays presents fresh avenues of inquiry at the intersection of philosophy and psychiatry. Contributors draw from a variety of fields, including evolutionary psychiatry, phenomenology, … Continued