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Justice, Inequality, and Health

December 21, 2021

First published Tue Dec 23, 2008; substantive revision Mon Nov 1, 2021 Among American men, there is a 14.6 year difference in life expectancy between the top 1% and the bottom 1% of the income distribution (Chetty et al. 2016). Among American women, the corresponding difference is 10.1 years. In a recent survey, 38.2% of … Read more

Ethics in Research

November 10, 2021

Ethics in Research. OTT 2020 Conference,, November 10, 2021

Reconsidering Scarce Drug Rationing: Implications for Clinical Research

March 15, 2021

Hospital systems commonly face the challenge of determining just ways to allocate scarce drugs during national shortages. There is no standardised approach of how this should be instituted, but principles of distributive justice are commonly used so that patients who are most likely to benefit from the drug receive it. As a result, clinical indications, … Read more

Doug MacKay Interviewed for UNC’s The Well

February 24, 2021

Doug Makay was interviewed by Logan Ward for the February 23rd issue of UNC’s The Well on “The Pros and Cons of Universal Basic Income.” The idea of governments giving residents no-strings-attached cash payments is picking up steam, due in part to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Last June, Mayor Michael Tubbs of … Read more