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Worldwide, reproductive health, rights, and justice are shaped by cultural norms and values and multiple social institutions, including medicine, public health, religion, politics, and law. As such, these issues provide a compelling focus of inquiry for scholars from a wide range of academic disciplines. With leadership from co-convenors across four UNC schools, this seminar will provide an interdisciplinary forum for students and faculty from diverse fields and career stages to come together around shared interests in reproductive health, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice. Seminar members will present works-in-progress, engage in critical discussion of contemporary scholarship, and foster discussion across disciplinary divides.


The Seminar Series schedule is being developed.



This Seminar Series is co-convened by Amy Bryant (Obstetrics and Gynecology), Ilene Speizer (Maternal and Child Health), Maxine Eichner (Law), Keely Muscatell (Psychology & Neurosciences), and Mara Buchbinder (Social Medicine)