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This interdisciplinary and interprofessional seminar examines the fields of genomic medicine and precision health through the lens of justice. The ethical, legal and social implications of both fields have received widespread attention in recent years, but one perspective on these implications has been under-developed to date: the challenges that these new fields face in attempting to meet the demands of equity and fair representation in their research and clinical endeavors. Both fields need to describe the human populations they address and attempt to serve: how should they do that in ways that do not exacerbate existing social inequities. How can different marginalized groups be fairly included in their research efforts? How can equitable access to their services be assured? This seminar series highlights the intersection between a specific scientific or clinical advancement with the implications for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. In each seminar the goal will be to encourage interdisciplinary dialog, identify societal challenges and/or potential disparities raised by technological innovation, and develop actionable strategies for further research and implementation.